Random, but brilliant, tips and hacks…

You will get so sick of the sad post-surgical camisole thing they give you to wear. Seriously. You already feel like crap, right? Why ya gotta wear it, too? Go shopping before surgery and find a few cute tops or dresses that button all the way up and down. Or a super soft and comfy hoody. You can just stick those drains in the pockets. Stylish.

Keep these things in mind:

  • The day will come that you’ll think you’re totally ready to get out and do your own grocery shopping. You are likely to run into a couple challenges during your outing:
    1. Half of what you need will be on the top shelf. You will have to ask everyone at the store to help you get things down. It’s kind of awesome though because it makes people super happy to be able to help. One cute old guy said it made his day. I may keep doing it just for the feel good benefit.
    2. You will probably go to your car and open the trunk to put your groceries in. It will pop up and you will somehow manage to get your bags in (because you asked the bagger to make them light, by the way), but then you will stand there staring at the trunk way up high in the air and realize you didn’t think that one through. You will have to ask someone in the parking lot to shut your trunk.
  • Say yes when people offer to bring you food, drive your kids places, run errands, visit, etc. I had a hard time with this because I don’t normally like help. I realized after about two seconds that there is NO possible way to rehab without help.
  • Have a million soft pillows on your bed. You’ll need them.
  • Eat tons of veggies after surgery. You’ll need them, too.
  • When you go from having boobs to not, the neckline on your clothing naturally lowers. A lot! So unless you want to flash your bandages, make sure your post-surgical wardrobe has a couple extra buttons.
  • Your arms are pretty much immobilized. They are NOT going over your head or anywhere near it so don’t even TRY to wear anything that requires arm movement for the first few days. Even if you get it on, good luck getting it off.
  • Stop taking the pain pills ASAP. They make you feel terrible and you don’t need them as much as you think you do.
  • There’s more…stay tuned



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