Pick a mantra, any mantra…

I rewrite mine all the time.  Today it is this:


There are days where extraordinary events or activities inspire you and others that present challenges. Both are worthy of a solid mantra.

A few years ago I drank too much wine at a charity auction and dropped a ton of money on a cat skiing package. Being a life-long skier I felt completely competent heading up the back country in the CAT along with my group, excited for the perfect conditions brought by a heavy snowfall overnight. We got to the top of our first run, ran through avalanche training protocol and made our way to the edge as the CAT left to meet us at the bottom of the run. By the time I got my first look down the slope (and by slope I mean drop) it was too late to stop the CAT. I was committed. I watched the group, one by one, drop in, up to their shoulders in fresh powder, and new I was, perhaps literally, in over my head. I waited until everyone was down and turned to the guide for last minute encouragement. “Dude,” said the guide, “you should totally pick a theme song and just, like, sing it all the way down. It’ll totally mellow you out.” I picked this one:


I wish I could say the song kept me from ungracefully wiping out 20 yards later but I can’t. What I can say is that despite my performance, I was empowered by my theme song and committed to my chosen mantra for the rest of the day.

Sometimes it’s difficult to come up with my own words to describe, even to myself, how I’m feeling, or to stay positive, hopeful, calm, focused or whatever else it is I need to be. Not even the well intended words of my friends or family seem quite right during these times. So I listen to my songs and read prose by anonymous internet contributors and eventually I connect with what I need to hear and it totally mellows me out, dude. Yeah…



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