Surgery #2: reconstruction day

Here are two photos. One is from me at 9:30 am today, a half hour before my surgery. The other is me a half hour after my surgery. Please examine carefully and note the differences.


If you guessed that I’m wearing a  blue beanie and have implants instead of the saline filled expander/torture device I’ve come to loathe over the past few months, you are absolutely correct! CongratulaI was kind of a badass today, to be honest. I tell you that because I want you to be one as well, should you ever share a similar situation. I’ve always found it helpful to mimic someone else’s plan rather than reinvent the wheel. We learn from history.

I have never  been even remotely interested in being a whiner or in living life with my glass half full. No one should. My advice?

Don’t allow yourself to settle for membership in the Club for the Defeated. Lame snacks and no cute guys. Aim higher.

Here is my surgery day in a nutshell (not really, it was at UW).

  • My amazing sister-in-law, Annie, came to town to help me with my daughter and to remind me not to move furniture.
  • My amazing boyfriend helped me to the hospital and showered me with positive pre and post-surgery good vibes, so I went under anesthesia with happy thoughts – hopefully I don’t talk in my surgery sleep.
  • I closed my eyes and thought of laughing and dancing in Scott’s kitchen the night.before, and all the most beautiful parts of my world and then drifted off to my drug-induced, mid-morning nap.
  • I woke up about four hours later , greeted by the awesome UW Medical staff – a group of people, incidentally, who have made every moment of my hospital stays not only tolerable but legitimately  pleasant. Seriously.
  • I got dressed right away – surprising, and I think slightly concerning, the nursing staff.
  • I ate some applesauce and asked to leave.
  • My sister picked me up and we went to the grocery store to get stuff for dinner and a latte.
  • We went home and I made dinner for a few guests, still a little wasted.
  •  We stayed up and talked for a few hours, telling stories and enjoying each other’s company.

Here are some cool things that happened.

  • The sun was shining on a beautiful, almost fall day.
  • I received thoughtful, supportive texts from thoughtful, supportive people.
  • A beautiful flower arrangement showed up at my house. I really love getting flowers..
  • I ate dinner with a few of my favorite people. We had smashed chicken.
  • I woke up this morning, grateful that I was having surgery, and that breast reconstruction had advanced so much in the past few years and that I felt so positive about life in general. I woke this morning jnfused with love and happiness and I’m going to bed with it, too.

Here is what I didn’t do, also in a nutshell.

  • I didn’t feel like this was happening TO me, rather that it was happening FOR me.
  • I didn’t scare my daughter by acting nervous or apprehensive.
  • I didn’t lay around post-surgery popping oxy, feeling like an invalid.
  • I didn’t wear my most hideous sweatpants to or from the hospital in defeat.

My next blog post may be about zoo animals and the importance of not following into the syndrome they often experience after being removed from life as they know it. I don’t ever want to be like a zoo animal, cancer or not. Stay tuned.

Love Peace Gratitude 4Life©




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